“Expertise In Engaging With Young Hearts And Minds Through A Depth Of Perception”

“You’re Far Better Equipped To Find Your Way If You Know Where You Are”

“It’s Through Stillness, We Enter The Present Moment, With Curiosity, A Non-Judgmental Awareness – This Is Self-Enquiry”

“Helping Us To Not Only Appreciate What Is Going Well But To Respond More Skilfully To Life’s Inevitable Challenges’

When We Are Free Of Our Own Limiting Thoughts We Are Better Equipped To Connect And Be Of Service.

OHM is committed to empowering young people in the digital age through a unique blend of openhearted, mindful movement and strategic universal truths, to connect to one’s innate wisdom.

Ohm Academy

We offer our Academy to a variety of schools and health clubs to enhance children’s development through yoga and mindfulness practice, enabling them to use their inner resources to face life’s challenges. Those children who participated to date have proven to be calmer, enjoying higher degree of confidence and feel happier, resulting in better ballanced results both academic and in sports.

In class they will learn about specific area’s of the brain and how these affect their ability to focus, make good choices, recognise when they need to steady themselves when their body or mind is busy or out of balance.

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The Ohmfulness course introduces relaxation and breathing exercises to help relieve stress and tension to help teenagers achieve a state of physical and emotional well-being and ballance. The mindfulness aspect ensures your child is given the best tools to deal with our fast-paced, outcome based society, in a non-competitive environment.

Most importantly these classes promote adaptability, confidence and an excellent sense of self-esteem in your child, whilst teaching them how to self regulate their emotions. Your child will leave class feeling relaxed, inspired and ready to face the world head on!

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Ohm Yoga

Through mindfully crafted classes, we take our children on a journey of discovery: recognising their innate gifts, the treasure they already possess. We introduce them to the hero who lives within thme and remind them of all the strength they already hold. We help them recognise their potential and overcome any obstacles along their way.

Ohm Yoga will develop the tools that are needed to deal with the inevitable challenges of school and every day life. We will enable your child to discover and develop the jewels of courage, compassion, perseverance and fortitude that lie hidden within them.

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My daughter, E,  11 years of age approached the summer holidays with worry. E was about to change school and was the only one from her previous school going. Her summer was consumed with fear and anxiety.

The “Transition and Change” yoga session provided by Munira was an opportunity for my daughter to share her thoughts and learn techniques to identify and manage these worries that would help her for the rest of her life. In a safe and calm environment E learnt about classic yoga sequences, poses, breathing and relaxation . She was able to identify how she can use yoga to help the body and mind. E enjoyed the class tremendously and continues to use the concepts covered to help her with the changes and challenges that she encounters. She would like to continue with the lessons to learn more about yoga and use yoga to help herself. “It really helped mum”.

JM Sept 2016.

“My daughter Jeeya was lucky enough to join one of Munira’s classes recently based on yoga and mindfulness.

Munira skilfully tailors her classes to suit all range of abilities, her passion for yoga shines through each session she runs, as her breadth of knowledge brings many beneficial yoga practices to each session.

She maintains a relaxed and enjoyable environment in which to learn and always keeps parents informed of how each session will be tailored to inspire your child. Jeeya can’t wait to start the regular weekly classes as soon as they become available. I would highly recommend signing up your child for Munira’s Yoga classes.”

Mother of 11 year old

“My daughter enjoys everything about Munira’s yoga classes. Always coming home eager to show what she had learnt and with a positive sense of herself.” 


Mother of daughter, Grace

Munira’s teaching is grounded in astute observation, giving clear instruction, positive encouragement and meaningful adjustments.  Her genuine commitment to developing the practice of yoga to children is inspiring and enlightening.  

There is a real sensitivity that Munira puts across in such a simple, down to earth inclusive way with her method of teaching.

She builds a strong connection with the children she teaches and my daughter has benefitted immensely from the yoga workshops she has attended.  She creates a sense of safe practice with the children and the whole experience goes deeper and stays with them long after the class is over.   She can relate to what they are feeling and need in their practice and encourages them to engage with friends to work on partner poses.  She has inspiring my daughter to want to learn more about yoga and continue to practice.

Mother of 13 year old girl

Having two sons with hypermobility and being into sports. We were told by our consultant that yoga would be of great benefit to them, it would strengthen their core etc and in turn protect them from injuries they would now be prone too.  

To my relief and surprise, both boys loved Munira’s yoga, in fact they loved Munira. Classes are light, fun and engaging. My boys, love that most top football players practice yoga”

Mother of boys aged 8 & 14

“Yoga has been such a welcome addition to our club programme at school. The children are always so enthused to go and talk in detail about the different stories and poses they experience.

We have begun to bring the concept of Mindfulness into our everyday routines with the children and are looking at the ideas introduced through yoga to become an intrinsic part of that. Munira has such a calm manner and works with patience to ensure all children, at varying stages of development, can take part”

Philippa Gent,  Head of Pre- Prep Hall Grove School

The mindfulness workshop was wonderful. All the girls really enjoyed themselves, Munira was great and the girls took a lot away from it.

I could see an immediate difference in my players mental attitude and overall happiness after working with the girls following the workshop. A very useful experience and I highly recommend Munira and her workshops.”


BS Netball Club U13 South Regional Coach