Ohm Mission

Ohm is committed to empowering young people in the digital age through a unique blend of openhearted, mindful movement and strategic universal truths, to connect to one’s innate wisdom.

Ohm provide a safe and nurturing atmosphere, to inspire change, and build a foundation cultivate happiness in the minds, hearts and bodies of young people today.

Instilling them with the skills considered essential for wellbeing, and enabling them to embrace challenges with calm, ease and confidence.

We strive to impart this transformative work with empathy, integrity and insight.

Honouring, the individual and harnessing the power of the collective.

Enabling; creativity, collaboration and connection to one’s self and others. (Introspection or awareness)

About Ohm

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Our Goal

To promote wellbeing in an age appropriate manner – Nurture and develop mindful individuals with clarity of intention and a connection with self and the greater community.

Pressures of Today

Over scheduled and over stimulated young people face unprecedented pressure to ‘do’, ‘look’ ,’ be seen’ and’ have’ more; the race starts early for them society, places demands on our children that are far heavier than ever before.


Ohm Yoga is aware of how the impact of modern living manifests and impact on the lives of young people ; resulting in an unprecedented high level of anxiety related mental and physical health conditions, ranging from depression, disturbed sleep, hyperactivity, low-self esteem, loss of appetite, challenging behaviour, leathery and a lack of motivation,  ….unfortunately the list in endless.

Essential Life Skills

My desire to teach young people how to feel happier and calmer and at ease in their own hearts, minds and bodies, developed from an experiential journey: a search for a way to connect to what I describe as ‘Heart Space’, a place of truth. A place where they are invited to relax and simply be…to experience the joy of a steady, strong and flexible mind and body, whilst learn essential life skills.

How does that feel?

In class when asked to hold a tree pose you are invited to question, to notice …am I striving? Am I holding myself with dignity? Where is my mind? How do I feel and perhaps most importantly how does this impact on me and on my pose?

There is no right or wrong answer – we vary and students are invited to simply notice, with curiosity and this self-knowledge empowers, allowing us to grow in awareness.

Heart and motivation

The desire to help my own, and other, children feel more connected to their inner self and develop their self-worth, to provide a space where they feel safe, and understood the power of stillness, is what motivated me to formally obtaining my accreditation and qualifications in teaching yoga and mindfulness with world class teachers in their fields. This is the path and pulse that led me to create Ohm yoga and what lies at its heart.