Ohm Workshops

Indepth Exploration of essential life skills

Connection – Collaboration-Communication – Creativity  

The 4c’s of 21st Century Learning

Ohm yoga will develop the tools that are needed to deal with the inevitable challenges of school and everyday life. We will enable your child to discover and develop the jewels of courage, compassion, perseverance and fortitude that lie hidden within them.

Exclusive Curriculum & Experience

Our Ohm Workshops are perhaps the flagship of our offer. Here your children have the unique and exclusive opportunity to really explore and embody a particular concept. Through an in-depth talk, discussion, both group, partner and individual work including games, activities, discussions, yoga, and mindfulness.

Always popular and sold out.

We pride ourselves on keeping our workshops small in numbers. In order to support an environment of sharing and learning. And to ensure a high quality of discussion and teaching.

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