Calm & Clear Blend

Ease Worries, Restore Balance




  • Helps you overcome known fears
  • Soothes vague worries and concerns
  • Relieves relentless mental chatter
  • Eases overwhelm and impatience
  • Deep calm after a stressful event
  • Evokes a newfound confidence
  • Especially helpful for exams




  • Reclaim your calm, balance, and self-assuredness.
  • Enjoy a centred, composed, and confident you.
  • Ideal for all, especially helpful in exam season.
  • Ideal for all, especially helpful in exam season.
  • Relieves : Worries, fears and self doubt


Munira says:

“It’s too easy to feel overwhelmed and overstimulated; this causes us to react rather than respond to life. The calmer we are, the more capable we feel. Naturally enhancing our ability to respond confidently in any given situation.” Calm & Clear is like a gentle embrace for your soul, soothing shock, taming fears, and restoring inner balance.”


Direction of Use

  • Centre your energy by taking a few deep breaths in and out
  • Take 4 drops under the tongue 4 times a day at regular intervals 
  • Alternatively add 20 drop to a glass of
  • water or bottle for sipping 
  • Use as directed or as and when needed 
  • Can also be added to your room diffuser 
  • Suitable for all-Store in a cool dark place 


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