Calm in Crisis – Comfort in Chaos




  • Qualities to support:
  • Provides comfort in moments of stress
  • Emotional stability in challenging situations
  • Crisis intervention in extreme moments
  • Calms nerves, reduces fear and panic
  • Deep calm after a stressful event
  • Restore harmony and alleviates guilt
  • Ideal for all – supports in any emergency




Provides support and relief during times of acute stress, anxiety, or emotional turmoil. With the additional benefits of alleviating guilt, blame and cultivating self-forgiveness. Ideal for all, during challenging situations or acute anxiety

  • Enhances : Calm, composure, clarity, focus, and and self-compassion 
  • Relieves : Anxiety, stress, overwhelm, scatteredness panic, guilt and self-criticism


Munira says:

Every home should have this enhanced combination of Dr Bach’s Rescue Remedy for navigating life’s uncertainties. The additional benefits, distinguish this blend as they cultivate acceptance and self-compassion after the event. Even when circumstances are completely out of our control it’s not uncommon to spiral into self-criticism and blame. When what we need is acceptance, and love.”


Direction of Use

  • Centre your energy by taking a few deep breaths in and out
  • Take 4 drops under the tongue 4 times a day at regular intervals 
  • Alternatively add 20 drop to a glass of  water or bottle for sipping 
  • water or bottle for sipping 
  • Use as directed or as and when needed 
  • Can also be added to your room diffuser 
  • Suitable for all-Store in a cool dark place 


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