Joy Blend

Joy – is the Key



Qualities to support:

  • Playfulness, vibrance and curiosity
  • Restores hope and eases despondency
  • Soothes vague worries and concerns
  • Uplifts the heart allowing positivity
  • Cultivates patience and connection
  • Calms nerves, reduces fear and panic
  • Nurtures calm, trust and safety
  • Fosters cooperation and compassiono
  • Ideal for navigating grief and those in authority 

Evoke Joy, Hope & Vibrant living




Joy Blend:

Radiates joy, restores hope and playful vibrance This blend nurtures positivity, patience, and compassion. Ideal for those in leadership and who are navigating grief”.

  • Enhances : Trust , hope spontaneity, connection playfulness, optimism and lightness of heart
  • Relieves : A heavy heart , unknown fears and need to control, frustration, impatience 

Munira says:

“Emotional stability is the foundation of experiencing joy, without equilibrium there’s likely to be an absence of joy. Even a vague anxiety, can block our sense of joy, adventure and playfulness, alongside the more heavier emotions of grief and sorrow. Our capacity to experience joy directly influences not only our own reality but that of those around. Joy, laughter and lightness of being are essential for creativity and connection.”

Direction of Use

  • Centre your energy by taking a few deep breaths in and out
  • Take 4 drops under the tongue 4 times a day at regular intervals 
  • Alternatively add 20 drop to a glass of  water or bottle for sipping 
  • water or bottle for sipping 
  • Use as directed or as and when needed 
  • Can also be added to your room diffuser 
  • Suitable for all-Store in a cool dark place 


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